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About Us

We are a company which offers a wide variety of services in outsourcing IT. 15 years of successful expansion is the best confirmation of our high quality service. Our major work is the complex protection of IT systems. This means we look after IT systems and make sure they are always in the best possible condition. We provide new parts for better and more comfortable work. We put a lot of effort into doing it all in the shortest possible time.


IT Audit is an invaluable solution for every company, which gives information about the whole tech infra-structure and installed software.

Effective management of IT resources is based on knowledge about its IT equipment, operating systems and applications. Usually only a few workers in a company have such knowledge, which can have a bad influence on decisions about buying IT equipment or software and lead to incorrect administration of those IT resources.

Tasks of IT Audit:auditit
– diagnosis of the IT system and its connection with resources which properly protect all IT property of your company,
– checking if IT system is effective,
– check if data integration system is working properly,
– make sure that IT system is showing real and correct information.
Such knowledge helps to avoid unexpected danger, or detect it and immediately repair its consequences.

Within the area of IT Audits we can offer:
Audit of IT Equipment,
Audit of Software,
Audit of Efficiency,
Audit of Security.

The most efficient strategy of managing business

Outsourcing is an interesting idea of management, which was developed in the 80’s but invented much earlier.

Outsourcing means using external sources to move important tasks on to specialised outside sources who will do it better than would be possible with our own knowledge and skills. (…)

Nowadays all companies which want to grow must have an IT structure. We offer to look after this structure so that you may concentrate on the main activity of your company. We have experience and knowledge that will help to avoid problems in your IT department. Such strategy saves time and money.

Domain of services: 

Eqipment range:

– We provide equipment,
– We do modernisation,
– We design and install.

Servis and administration:

– Operating systems (Windows/Linux),
– Workstation,
– servers,
– networks type LAN and Wi-Fi.

Protecting data:

– backup data (windows/Linux),
– recovering data,
– protection of accounts and data of users.

Suplying consumable elements


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